who would win randleman vs vitor?

if they fought,who would you pick to win? like if these two were to fight in like strikefore in san jose or something who would come out on top?

and also if there is a bang ludwig vs josh thomson on the under card

Whoever has fewer mental health issues at the time...

KO themselves some how..

Vitor, I think.

The Fans

Frank. May not be a sub but he still wins.


two most inconsistent guys in the game.


I agree. Before the fight they would both KO themselves.

"two most inconsistent guys in the game."

True dat. The only reason I'd go with Kevin is was on against CroCop the first time, while Vitor hasn't showed up for a fight since the early 90's. Except for the Tito fight, since "that was the best Vitor anyone has ever seen and [Tito] pushed him to the breaking point".

"He may be inconsistant but he's done more in this sport than everyone at Team Tulsa put together."

You suck at trolling.

And its Tul$a Top Team fucko!

That would be an interesting fight. A brawl for it all between the two most mentally unstable fighters of all time!!!!!!

not onyl most unstable but most inconsistent. i mean how can you land a slam like that and still get beat 15 sec later. once he realized he didnt hurt him he should have gotten away and ran never to be heard from again

it would depend on which randleman showed up and which vitor showed up. probably 2 of the most athletic fighters MMA has ever seen

I sya this would be a good fight and I dont see it going the distance.

The Calf Cruncher

"HardHittingHeeb - Wow ,your ignorance is frightening ?"

Ouch, methinks my sarcasm is lost on you about that being the best Vitor ever. Regardless, who has he beaten recently that's close to CroCop's caliber? Antony Rea/ Marvin Eastman? Give me a break, the only good fighters he's beaten were Heath Herring and a green Silva.

And don't say that win over CroCop was a fluke. Kevin timed everything so perfectly it was insane.

"let me guess..... your American , a UFC fan boy , 17 years old and your favourite fighter is Forrest Bonnar ?"

'Merican, Pride, Over-the-hill, and Fedor/Sakuraba equally. Do like the UFC Welters though.

i'd go with vitor, more skills

I did Sherdog the recent one, because I forgot the name of that guy. But according to Sherdog, Eastman tko'd Rea a few month prior to Vitor beating him, so he definitely isn't A-Level to begin with.

What's your point? The cans across the pond are better than the cans in America?

Thanks to Sherdog:

Vitor's Notable Wins
1. Heath
2. Silva

Kevin's Notable Wins
1. CroCop
2. Ninja
3. Babalu (with poopie in his pants)
4. Rizzo
5. Williams
6. Bas (IMHO)
7. Smith

True he has more losses than Vitor, but if Vitor fought the same caliber of guys Randleman did he would have a lot more losses. They're both unpredictable fighters and both basket cases.

Face it, Vitor hasn't had a decent victory since before 9/11. Since that point in time Randleman has beaten CroCop, Ninja and Babalu.