Who would you chose?

If you were going to start a team and could pick any player you wanted to fill any position. Pick a whole starting 6.
Center-Joe Sakic-Captain
Peter Forsberg-Left Wing
Marcus Naslund-Right Wing-gets the 'A'
Niklas Lidstrom- Defense-Gets the 'A'
Rob Blake-Defense

Even though I hate the teams two of these players play for, I think this line of 5 along with Brodeur in goal would beat any other line in the NHL.


C - Roenick - A

LW - Shanahan

RW - Kovalchuk

D - Stevens - Captain

D - Hatcher - A

G - Turco

*edited to add the A's*

I would be thinking-

Sakic - C - Captain

Doan - LW

Nasland - RW

Blake - D - Assistant C

Hatcher - D - Assistant C

The reason I don't go with Forsberg and Lidstrom is because you need some size and toughness which Doan and Hatcher provide...Sakic and Nasland have unbeleiveable chemstry as we saw in the All - Star game...Set Doan up in front of the net for screening and rebound chances, and you got two 6'4 230 pound D-men who hit like trucks and ofcorse Blakes wicked Slapper.

And Loungo in net...He could be unstopable with the right team infront of him

lidstrom pronger naslund sakic forsberg brodeur

Naslund, Sakic, Bertuzzi = Forwards

Lidstrom, Ohlund = Defense

They all have enough speed and skill to be dangerous and very scary.Bert also adds uber-toughness and a big 'ol carcass in front of the net along with a mean streak.

Brodeur = Net

I'd be happy with Luongo or Kipper in net as well.

For me, the most important thing is a player who plays big in the big game. NO Keith Primeaus on my team. With that said:

F Healthy Mario Lemieux, Sakic, Iginla (reserves: Forsberg, LeCavalier, Elias)

D Lidstrom, Stevens (reserves: Pronger, Blake)

G Brodeur - this is the only choice. The other guys mentioned (Luongo, Turco, Kipper, etc...) are either playoff unproven, or haven't shown consistent yearly playoff performance *yet*.

Loungo has never had a team in front of him that could prevent him for having to make 40 saves a night

As for reserves

C Forsberg, RW Geruin, LW Durry or St Louis

D Nedimeier(sp?) and Lidstrom

I leave out Tanguay and Hejduk because neither has proven to be a Durry or a Forsberg when the game is on the line. Geruin is once again for toughness and St Louis because of his speed. I am honostly supprised that noone has mentioned Nedimeier,

and I Choke You- Roy is retired if you haven't heard and I didn't think goalies were allowed to where the C

This line would pulverized all the aformentioned lines:

Forwards: Fedorov, Bertuzzi, Iginla

Defense: Stevens, Lidstrom

Goal: Khabibulin

"He said ANY player, and I believe 3 goalies have worn the C."

I didn't know goalies wore the C. I am once again rethinking my lines

Super Mario, Gretzky, Howe, Bourque, Orr, and Roy

old man strength, that what its about...and I was only joking about that

Forsberg-Sakic-Iginla (Yes Iggy can play the right side)


and Brodeur in net.