who would you fight from the early ufc's?

lets just figure you have the level of mma training available today and could go back in time 12-16 years. who would you like to fight and why? my choice is joe "ghetto man" charles. dont quite know why. maybe that damn ball he was rolling around in his hands. anyways, post your choices.

 none of them.

Eldo Dias Xavier. Because the dude did a back flip when his name was announced.


the ninja guy

Royce Gracie. I have decent HS level wrestling (which puts me worlds above Royce) and I'm pretty sure I could defend the takedowns and KO him based on large, large size advantage.

At least if he's old like he is today. 

the polar bear -paul varelans... i would run and run and run and run and run around in circles... hopefully he would pass out from lack of oxygen... thus giving me a tko... yeah baby

ANY of them

Beat Royce and be the champ... duh?

Art Jimmerson

Because I know he'll tap the moment it hits the ground, so I'll just go train double legs for a few weeks and win the fight.

Other than that I don't know, those guys were ballsy even if they didn't have much applicable technique.

 Steve Jennum...because he ruined my chances for a Harold Howard Christmas,

haha.. nobody 25 and under should know who these fighters are outside of youtube or something...

I am amazed at some of these responses. If I was going to fight one of these old school UFC fighters it would be Shamrock, Ruas, Gracie, Severn, Tank or Kimo. We could all pick and choose who we think would be an easy win but wouldn't you want someone who would still give you a challenge? What is the point of looking for the easy win unless your goal is to pad your record?

Royce for sure

 Art Jimmerson's MIA glove, I'd be at least a 3 to 1 underdog.  Bet on the favorite!


I'm 24 and I know how they are...cause I was young as hell when I pops used to watch the first UFC's and we'd literally lol at them...I would want Art Jimmerson....and his glove

I would love to kick the everloving shit out of that fatbag varlens!!!!!

 None of 'em.

Those early UFC guys might not have been as skilled as their modern counterparts, but they were some crazy sons of bitches.  Nobody knew what to expect in those fights, there were almost no rules, and none of 'em cared.  They just wanted a chance to fight and prove themselves and/or their art. 

They were some tough hombres.  Just look at how guys today curl up in a ball anytime someone grazes their cup, accidently headbutts them, or hits them behind the ear.  Those early UFC guys were taking nut shots, spine shots, headbutts, and back of the head shots like they were nothing.  Hell, Royce even got bit in one of his fights.  I wouldn't want to face any of those guys in a no holds barred scrap.

teabagexpress - I would love to kick the everloving shit out of that fatbag varlens!!!!!

 That fatbag Varlens would lock you up in the clinch and drop atomic elbows on your spine all day.