Who Would You Fight?

If you had a choice of facing anyone on this forum in an NHB matchup (no groin strikes please), who would it be?


Momita.....cause she never made me the carne asada I kept hearing so much about.

Robin, that's a pretty serious challenge.

Here's who I would fight:

Bobsappfan -- Sorry dude, I'm jealous of your 30000 posts

Erin Toughill -- Who wouldn't want to roll with her?

Gokartmozart -- I'm jealous of his screen name

Skelboy -- Just because I want to see him in real life

CSC- fucking asshole.

you dan, you! Shanghai rules!


Samuel L Jackson


OG and subforums--shadetree

I would want a rematch with King Yoshida

Yea....TheRealJoker. I owe that guy for kicking me while I was wearing dress shoes.

I would fight Bobsappfan......Just because he is the underground champion....I want the belt!!! Bobsappfan im calling you out!! Prepare for a ass kicking Bj Penn style!!

Coffee, I don't think you would last five seconds against Sexz.


It's on, name the time and place and we'll thrown down.

Anyone, if the money is right :)

Even Kirik?


Bruce Nelson,I'm dead serious,someone set it up


Sorry bro. but I've got too much faith in her.

preferably a chick under 125 pounds.