Who would you fight?

The Fightclub question.

Anyone, anywhere from any time. Who'd it be?

I'd fight Saku and Eisenhower.

Howard Cosell

or Michael Moore

Ooohhhh Michael Moore! That's a GREAT one! Get the mount and keep yelling "admit you're a liar! Admit you're a liar!"

Cosell is good, but along those lines I'd rather fight Bill Walton.

opra and rossie odonal. Also, anna nacoles manager - howard stern(not the radeo personality) - i hate that guy.

Steinbrenner and Derrick Jeter...hell throw Babe Ruth in there also so I can kick him in his liver.

Howard Stern

The Icy Hot Stuntaz

id gladly beat the fuck out of Pdiddy and Jay-Z

I'd fight that dude that made that "Mother" song

Ja Rule and Lance Bass.

John Travolta (not really but thought it sounded funny thx)

and John Stockton.

pdiddy would be fun to beat up.

Dr. Phil

Paris Hilton


George W Bush, and Mike Starrett (he's a Seatac Police Ofiicer)

I would fight the power.

Emperor Constantine.



*hears helicopters*

coach taylor jesus would beat the crap out of you