Who would you rather have cornering you?

If you were fighting would you rather have someone who talks real calm like Greg Jackson or someone telling you to "punch a hole in his fucking chest" like Ray Longo or somewhere in between?


I would hate someone in my corner like Greg Jackson talking throughout the whole match to try and sway the judges, it's bush league.

I would love someone like longo to keep me fired up. Mike Constantino is my #1 choice. Phone Post 3.0

Probably someone like Bas Rutten or Joe Rogan/Jimmy Smith

Not Greg Jackson!
I don't like the way he talks to his fighters as though they have a single brain cell Phone Post 3.0

Kevin James

Jackson but only with a bad Russian accent Phone Post 3.0

Matt Serra or Bas Rutten Phone Post 3.0

Greg Jackson never gives one real bit of advice. "Lets have fun Donald C? ro nee." Longo is intense but also instructive. On occasion fighters need to be calmed down, maybe like Bang talking to TJ, but for the most part a fight is keeping a guy focused and intent on getting rid of an opponent. I take Longo all day.

Would you rather go 1 minute with JDS or 1 round with Schaub. For 10k Phone Post 3.0

Matt Hume

Ray longo for 45 seconds then Phil Baroni for the last 15. Phone Post 3.0

After watching the fight master not Greg Jackson. Phone Post 3.0

AllNightLong - Matt Serra or Bas Rutten Phone Post 3.0
Matt Serra and Ray Longo were amazing corners. So loud and vocal not to mentiom technical amd intelligent. The perfect mix! :) Phone Post 3.0

Id have dangerous dustin adams and charlie mcshane
Def not greg no offense just wouldn't vibe with him imo
Possibly longo but ive never worked w either so its hard to say Phone Post 3.0

I want Mark Coleman in my corner talking like BRock Samson constantly.

NYBA Phone Post 3.0

TJAX46 - Would you rather go 1 minute with JDS or 1 round with Schaub. For 10k Phone Post 3.0
Lol Phone Post 3.0

a hot chick with a nice pair of rack with her cleavage showing off kneeling infront of me while giving me a massage between rounds.

I would want a coach that calms you back down in between rounds then gives specifics of what you need to do. Longo wouldn't work for me, "go out there and punch a fucking hole in his chest" would just make me think "umm,ok." I need specifics. Something like "he's fighting with his eyes open,so throw the knee kick then jam your fingers right into his eye socket."


People forget he tailors each corner to each fighter.

If you guys think he just counts and talks like a creep (which I'm not denying) then rewatch his cornering of Condit before round 3 in the McDonald fight. Phone Post 3.0