Who ya got in the Miller / Guillard fight and how?

Good fight and very excited for it but I see Miller getting the sub victory in 2nd round..

I think Miller will be smart enough not to stand in front of Melvin the whole fight..

Thoughts on the fight? Phone Post

Miller via submission. Melvin isn't in the right place mentally and Jim will take advantage of that just like Joe did.

That said, obviously Melvin always has a puncher's chance.

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I'd say Miller takes this by submission close to the end of the first round.

 Melvin Guillard will take this.  He learned from his mistakes with Joe. 

I always thought miller but my gut is telling me Melvin for some reason. Pulling for miller though, seems like a really humble dude Phone Post

If Melvin fights a guy with subs, that guy wins. If not, Melvin wins.

It's the Clementi rule.