Whoa All Pro Football 2k8!??



crosses fingers for Bo Jackson

This game intrigues me.

But they need customizable rosters IMO...

The game starts with a fantasy draft...

I cant wait to hear more info about this.. especially considering my disdain for Madden

the preview in Game Informer left much to be desired. Dated graphics, no franchise mode, no draft.. bah

But the Artificial Intelligence is supposed to be so good that even the game developers can't tell if it's a human or the computer controlling a team.

2K is back! i might play a football game again.

i wouldn't put much stock in that very limited preview in game informer.
they've been keeping most of the major gameplay elements under wraps
and for good reason. the 2k football games were always innovative and
this one will be no different. considering how good that series was, i will
give them the benefit of the doubt (especially since they've had two years
to think about the game). the good news is that they'll raise the bar again
and force madden to improve. the licensing is a big deal, but gameplay is
the most important element and 2k always dominated madden in that
category. i'm glad that they've gone with hall of famers instead of just
completely making up teams/names.

Seriously they put Bo Jackson in the game and Im buying it and drafting him #1

it's on!

this game is gonna be awesome......I don't give a shit about the rosters, its gameplay that matters. 2K Sports are far superior to EA titles IMO


^^totally agree^^

Competition is good.

fuck boxing, make a decent MMA game and I'll be happy.

i could care less about the license's. I like the idea of fictional teams and players, plus the retired players like Bo and Boz.

what about barry sanders?

Barry is in it