"Whoa, you are not a woman? You are a man?"

This kid did nothing wrong. I would murder a tranny under the same circumstances. They call it a “trick” I call it " ima fucking kill you"


It’s weird, it’s like Kraft paying for handjobs when he could have tons of personal assistance going every where with him

Shit on chest, walk away.

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He was an 18 yo recruit not a 20 yo sophmore/junior. Blacksburg is literally in the middle of nowhere. You’re always less than a mile from Banjo country there.

A similar thing happens when you get young 18yo Marines who lose their shit when they get fooled by ladyboys in the Phillippines and Thailand.

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he got a fairly low bail but the prosecution is now appealing it, not sure if they are looking for a higher bail or no bail.

Yeah, no shit


This is what JJitsu said to Forest Spliffin after their first encounter.

He’s no danger to the public. The only ppl he’s a danger to are men dressed up like women that use fraud to trick him into sexual contact. They shouldn’t be doing that anyway

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yea the only context i saw was that they are doing it due to things revealed in the interview with the suspect, imo its either due to the “heinous nature of the crime” (that he stomped him so bad and didnt even attempt to seek help) or there were other things he said that we dont know about.

Ironically, he’s going to be fucking men pretending to be women for the next 5 to 10 years now.


After reading the reddit thread here this sounds like it was a long time coming. Guy was a well known creep who worked in bars and tried to lure young men into his orbit.

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At first I agreed with you but after reading stories of his behavior, I don’t know anymore.

Edit- about the word ‘deserved’. I should’ve quoted that.

oh btw state dropped their bail appeal and he was released on 75k with an ankle monitor under house arrest at his parents house.

i have seen several lgbtq activists talking about this case and saying that transgender people dont owe anyone an explanation of their past, their anatomy, etc

first - nobody has said this guy was transgender that i have seen, afaik he is a gay guy that dressed as a woman specifically to trick guys into letting him blow them, i dont even think that makes him a transvestite

second - while it may be true legally that they dont have to disclose it is a very dangerous thing to encourage people to not do so

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The one person I know who falls in this category used to be a pretty butch lesbian and decided to remove her titties and grow a mustache but she’s still packing the Arby’s roast beef in her pants saying that “bottom surgery” is pretty limited in many ways but the vibe I get is that there wouldn’t be an announcement made beforehand which seems super risky. Not sure how you can justify getting to know someone and then shit goes next level and when her hand goes down to touch a dick and she gets a handful of high testosterone twat. This particular case seems to be the most extreme of reactions but I can’t see this producing more positive than negative results either way.

That’s debatable. The man was raped and reacted out of horror and shock.

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Straight ppl don’t owe anyone sexual contact. The entitlement is unreal.

cough Super straight people cough

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