Who'd like 2 C Pulver vs Kid @145?

Personally, I think Jens would take it .. but it'd be a tough fight for both of them.

I'm not sure if Kid could get him down in MMA ... and Jens would, amazingly, be the bigger fighter in this match up too. It'd probably be a stand up war with Jens landing the bomb[s] to end it sometime early in the first.

Note: Please, if you reply to this and you're from Hawaii .. just type in here "I am from Hawaii" and I will count that as a vote for Kid..lol No need to even type anything more .. cause we know you Hawaii folk back your fighters 100%.

I sure would.

Note: kid aint from hawaii

And ive been thinking about this fight for ages. there's a lot of crazy matches to be made at FW bet: Kid, Pulver, Menjivar, Faber, Melendez, Hominick, Pequeno, etc...

"Note: kid aint from hawaii"

You're correct, however he's mentored by Enson ... and has fought in HI before to a great reception.

"Nori hasn't been with Enson for quite a while now."

You're correct.

A Victor Torn and Wasa-B,

Ok, we've settled that .. now, are you from HI?..lol and what's your pick?

Tough call, if you ask me.

Yes, Pulver would be the bigger guy. Pulver was a small LW but Kid is actually a small FW. I just predict someone would get KOed ;p

Actually, they were both even in Shooto but not sure if at the same time. Funny how Pequeno never had to fight Kid or Pulver, he? Not saying he was "ducking" them or anything, both Kid and Pulver left for other offers...