Who'd you rather be? Tom Brady or Jeff Bezos?

  • Tom Brady
  • Jeff Bezos

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s dick.

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Neither. I’ve always wanted to have more money, but I’ve never been attracted to fame.

Bezos because he’s single now

brady because he has two eyes that are approximately the same size jajaja…

Brady strikes me as the type of guy who is never really 100% happy, perpetually driven by a touch of bitterness at somebody or something. That has made him the GOAT, but I doubt that he’s ever truly happy for more than a few days.

Me. Only me, ever.

Never understood this fascination with fetishising someone else’s life.


'Bron, that you?

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Imagine having all the money you could possible spend and this plastic surgery monster is your new girlfriend. Looks like man wearing Sofía Vergaras peeled off skin.

Not go all “captain america out of the ice” on you, but I totally don’t get that reference.

If I can quit playing football, Tom Brady.

Yeah, Not my best post TBH, time to head to bed.
Your post was solid and profound. I was just having a drop of fun with you sounding a bit self centered and gave Lebron a mention.

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she is ok, semi-hot, better her than a gold digger jaja…

Have to go with Bezos. Always wanted a huge yatch complete with slutty women.

Right on. Cool beans homie. I’m just not a very hep cat any more. Carry on!


Time for a PSA
Lebron James= a very self centered basketball player who is one of the best ever.

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To give you an idea where my mind was, I was trying to decipher why you were equating me to this fella…


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