Whoever did this is a scumbag

NEW ORLEANS -- About $16,000 worth of belongings was reported stolen from the home of the late Marquise Hill's mother while she was at the funeral for her son, a New England Patriots lineman who drowned last week, police said Wednesday.

No suspects have been identified in Saturday's burglary at the eastern New Orleans home of Sherry Hill, who told police that she left for her son's funeral at 10:45 a.m. and discovered the break-in when she returned around 5:45 p.m.
I dunno, but with all this young man reportedly did for NOLA and its storm victims during his lifetime, its really sad to see that same crowd turn around and steal from his own mother when she's attending his funeral.

This is getting more common lately, or at least I've been hearing about it more. Athletes' houses sometimes get robbed when they're at a game, the burglars know they won't be home.

I've read about this kind of thing a lot.

The thieves know that the family will be away at the funeral.

Crazy...just crazy.

I've heard of this scam from an old coworker before. Also heard that people who arent really associated with the deceased will show up at the after funeral gathering for the free food, sitting around using some made up story about how they and the deceased were friends.

Yeah, I posted that in another thread. Sadly, it doesn't suprise me. With the way things are down here, nothing suprises me anymore.