Whoever ordered UFC DVDs...

I'm expecting them in on Wednesday so they should ship sameday or Thursday. You will get them in time for Christmas!



You guys have great service. I recently got the GC and it was so fast. I cant say that for some of the other web sites l have ordered from.


No shit. I ordered fro UFC direct and got screwed around. Next time I am ordering from canadamma because they got it right the first time and ON time.

I just ordered the King of the Cage DVD from CanadaMMA with like 101 fights. Is it any good??? I know I should have asked before I ordered but with 101 fights for only 30.00 I figured you couldn't go wrong....

It's great. I ordered it and got it within 3 days!

The first dvd is boxing style USA vs The World.
Then there are a ton of KOTC.
Then a DVD on wrestling and backyard wrestling videos.
Then a girls gone wild.

The girls do not do any MMA.

you get that with the 10 peice box set????

The box set is like 4 dvd's that are 2 sided!


Thanks for the ttt.

Computer Warrior and Dougie,



Got your order. They are 5 double sided disks - don't tell Dougie... I only sent him 4 disks! :-) They are going out in today's mail and you will have them on Thursday...

thanks very much for the fast service....

ttt for CanadaMMA.com

What the!?

I KNEW it was too good to be true!

I want my 5th disk mister!


Ummmm... u got the "special" DVD set... hehe

That's ok. I just found the secret compartment with the "special" dvd.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go run the water in the bathroom.