Who'll play with your Wii?

Ok, funny (or not) title but I'm talking about family members that don't play games. Will you hand the Wii (horrible name) controller to someone who doesn't play games and see their reaction? When I get the system I'm going to see if I can get my parents and 80 year old Aunt to play it. I can't see them accepting a normal console controller and actually playing but I think if I give them the Wiimote and they see the movement on screen they might try it out.

guess not

My dad is aextremely interested in seeing the controller, but my dad is already a major PC game nerd and gadget freak.

I am very excited about the spectacle that will ensue when my 7rd old nephew picks it up. He's already a spaz with a regular controller.

People at work said the name sucks but they will still buy it. If not, my girlfriend would love to play with my wii!!!

Also with its network capabilities, someone, somewhere, online, will want to play with my wii!!!!!

My dad will probably want to try it just because he's into engineering and inventing crazy stuff. He loves weird, gimmicky technology and I would argue that this is the ultimate gimmick technology.

My girlfriend will want to play it because her head is swimming with all the possible Mario Party, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Monkey Ball and WarioWare applications of this thing.

My son will be about 1 and a half by the time it's released, and he'll probably be able to learn to use this before his hands are big enough for a normal controller.

As for me, I think it looks like it's going to be awesome. Metroid Prime 3, Excite Truck, Red Steel, Zelda, and WarioWare will kick ass, and I'm sure that my girlfriend's games will be fun to mess around with for a little while. The name really does sound stupid though.

I think it looks like a lot of fun- I'm definitely interested in buying one.