whoopass tv email

what is there email?

correct word would be "their"

the correct word would be "gay"


You are different bro..you really are...instead of talking shit why not prove yourself to mma.tv, you know? I am being sincere here bro. No more being an asshole. Why care what people think of you? Why care about making a million bucks right away? Work your way up bro. Take one fight at a time, and work hard for it. Great determination and Great preparation brings greater rewards. Like Jens Pulver once said, "To achieve great success you need to work hard for it." Why not do that? Stop running your mouth and train? Do something that benefits the good of others? Honestly dude I havent thought about fighting much since I am doing my charity event..BUT in order to have it be successful I have to work hard. it isnt going to be handed to me. Same thing with fighting bro. Try it man.

Fearless Goat

Ron Krull- I will pray for you. You need all the help you can get. Seriously man I cant understand why you say the things you do and not be ashamed of yourself bro. I will pray for you. I think you need to go to church and have Jesus in your life.

Fearless Goat

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I want to quickly get some things off my chest right now. I want to say that I hope this event gives MMA the recognition it truly deserves. This will show the MMA community what true MMA is all about.

I think we had some unfortunate situations happen with Manny Reyes, Gannon vs. Kimbo since it wasnt a legal fight, and Ron Krull.

I made a challenge to Ron Krull on here. His only way to fight is to go there in 10 days and fight him at his place. I talked on some of his threads and I think something is seriously wrong with him.

I am not knocking the guy or saying anything negative. I wonder if he suffers from depression, possibly severe alcoholism(dont know for sure), had some tragic thing happen in his life to set him off, or is deranged into believing he is better than everyone in fighting. He is different.

I want to take the time in having people that read my threads for St. Judes, or threads wishing me luck to say a prayer tonight. Say a prayer for Ron Krull to truly find happiness in his life, and to find himself. Everybody needs Jesus! Without Jesus I sincerely wouldnt be alive. I have gone through some very tough times in my life that only a couple members here know about. I got through them with Jesus. I think Mr. Krull needs Jesus in his life more than ever. I am going to say a prayer for him every night up to February 12, 2005 when I have the charity event praying to God to help him reach true happiness.

God Bless,

Fearless Goat

i said if it is set up LEGALLY I will fight him

you know what Packo- you cant impress everyone I guess....seriously something is wrong with him unless this is all a game by him trying to waste people's time like myself.

Summer 2005 if it is set up I will take it..otherwise I wish Krull luck in finding true happiness.

LOL @ goat. You talked a lot of crap about the guy, now that he is ready to step up you pray for him?

Everything Fearless Goat has ever said has been in response to NAA.  He has offered to fight NAA in a respectable MMA show that will be legal and justified.  As well as at a time that is condusive to both fighters and in a neutral place.   

The difference here, is that Krull doesn't know when to stop and be serious with out continuing to duck fights himself.  Goat on the other hand, is trying to stop the trash and get something legitimate set up.  There is no shame in that.           

Krull is the one with the LARGE history of missing fights, not Goat. Goat is offering something real, not a pathetic attempt to piss someone off with useless name calling and threats.  That part of it is over, as you can see with his posts.  Krull isn't strong enough to be serious.   

One of two things needs to happen.... ONE:  this all goes away now or, TWO:  the fight goes on legitimately in Summer 2005. 

No more trash, just the Clash!   

Thanks Packo- I think I am taking time off of mma.tv..I posted serious Posts in attempting to help Krull. I really think he is "Playing" or is seriously messed up in the head.

Fearless Goat

Fearless Goat, I don't know you man, I'm just pulling your leg a lil. I say if it's setup legally, why not go for it. Goodluck to both of you.

Packo, that's awesome dude. 

NAA is the greatest troll ever. He is what MMA is all about.


Poor bastard!