In a drunker stupor, I just accidentally tagged a picture of my ex-girlfriend on facebook (on her page). I tagged her as my current girl-friend's sister.

This is not the way I wanted to start 2018.

Freud said that there are no accidents

Stronghold - Freud said that there are no accidents

I'm sure I'll have some interesting nightmares about this.


untag and move on?

You know damn well that wasn’t an accident and you still have feelings for your ex ...what’s even worse is that your ex has moved on and is dating some guy who is way hotter than you and now you look like a creepy fool ....but yeah , just move on, fuck it

I untagged the pic (after 10 minutes of panicked googling "how to untag") and immediately closed my Facebook account. I hardly ever use Facebook.

Will both my ex and my girlfriend's sister be notified of my idiocy?

Eggbert - Why are you on Facebook looking at your ex girlfriend on new years eve I stead of banging your current girlfriend or her sister ?

Good question. She went home to visit her family for NYE. I've got a paper I have to finish by Wednesday, so I didn't go. I stayed home to work. And drink. And do stupid things.