Whos beaten Bar Shockba?

Finished it last night.

Still the most atmospheric series Ive played since The Thing.

They didnt really change or add a whole lot. No significant new plasmids or powers. Some cool weapons but again nothing totally different to change the experience. Being a large father was almost the exact same as being the man from the first game. Only you move slower and louder and can now adopt the little sisters which was cool.

A lot of interesting and fun plot and history is revealed and the diaries are MUCH easier to find this time around. I got to 100 for the acheivement without going nuts.

Again though I have to say they didnt really add much depth or variety to the enemies. All the effort seemingly went into the Big Sisters who are serious foes. But come the F on, all you added for new types of splicer is "spider" and "brute"...........THATS as creative as your developers could come up with?

They give you though substantially more choices this time around and they imo greatly improved the hacking minigame which I hated in part 1.

Got the best ending too, out of the 6 so I was pleased with that.

Inexcusable for their not to be any final boss battle though.

The best part of these games for me has always been finding the power to the people weapon upgrade stations and seeing what the new part looks like. Theres less though this time around so its impossible to full upgrade every weapon.

 "Dont be a slow-poke, Mr B!"