Who's Buzz Breyman/Breiman/whatev?

On the Clippers vs Kings game last night they mentioned that Webber had been working with a Buzz B something and that the guy was helping Chris with his jumper AND his post moves. Anyone know who they were talking about?? Webber kicked some fucking ASS!!! 26pts, 12boards, and 4 assists. He was only 1 assist shy of reaching his average from last season, all in his 30 minute debut after 10 months off.

But who's this Buzz guy?? :)

lol, you fucker, I'm hoping mabye our resident nba genius shawns might know something about him. :)

Anybody??? If Webber gets his post moves down then you guys will have that much less to bitch about. lol

Buzz Braman is one of those guys teams bring in to help tards like Shaq learn to shoot free throws. He could beat you in horse but not in one-on-one. He's probably a waste of money and time.


You think so?? The guys on tv last night were calling him a legend and made it sound like it was a good move for Webber to work with him on his jumper and post play.

You know me, I don't really believe in or respect coaching. But for some reason Webber couldn't shoot free throws last season after shooting them as well as .751 in
the 2000 season.

Further, never in the history of the NBA has a 31 year-old player improved. Webber's best season was in 2002 or maybe in 96 with the Bullets. But then last year he delined a bit. Like most guys, he probably started to deline at age 30. He's still damm good.

Buzz Braman can shoot ft's like a mf though.

You're crazy, Webber averaged 20 pts 10 boards and 5 assists last season. If that's him declining then I can live with that. lol

His decline will be a slow one, barring further injury.

No, he is getting better. :)

I went to a camp of his in HS to improve my shooting. He is nickname the SHOT DOCTOR. Simply he focuses on making your shot better. He does this buy teaching the basics and honing you in on it. Now this seems wierd to be teaching...but not really...in b ball there are so many technical skills where u can be a specialist at...BIG MAN POST MOVES...AND1 ballhandling...Defense tactics...BUZZ simply teaches how to shoot better by working on your form and doing numerous drills. He also videotapes your form to see if u're elbow is aligned and so forth.

did it help your in-game shooting?

LOL...at 5ft 7inches...that wasn't much of an issue.