Who's collectables are 4 sale?

I am interested in buying some MMA collectables from you guys. I would like some old UFC and pride posters,passes anything that is harder to come buy, not really every day stuff as much.

get in line homie... I can sell you my only UFC 5 poster I have but it will cost you... FP

i have a ufc 12 and ufc 8 poster for sale

You can email me with what you have and what you are asking for your stuff.

Who has some cool Cro COP STUFF FOR SALE


I can sell you the cigar in the picture but it will co$t you big bucks. Straight from Croatia man, the motherland of Mirko himself...FP

Who thinks he looks like DeNiro in this pic?

Crocop, eh? I have a signed entry model MMA glove and a signed photo


is the ufc 8 still for sale?