Who's coming out of closet on TUF?

Doesn't it happen on every reality show? Who's it going to be? I bet it is the fighter every one least expects. My vote is for Leben


Did you see the preview of next week's show? There was some guy wearing tight daisy dukes and acting like a pickle sniffer. I'd say he's the one that's coming out.

"There was some guy wearing tight daisy dukes and acting like a pickle sniffer. I'd say he's the one that's coming out."....Baroni is on that show?



Cause it's a funny way to describe a homo. Useless and others have laughed at it in the past.

ALL of them will come out of the closet for poopy sakes!!!

Sheesh, anyone that has ever gone in to hang up their clothes in a closet will more than likely come out.................


You people are gay obsessesed. Just go break you off a piece...

It looked like either forrest griffen or mike swick.

Diego why?

Those picks are not good

I hope TUF turns down the gay a bit. Put some more hot chicks in the show for crying out loud!! BRING BACK LISA DERGAN!!!!

For all of you that complained about Lisa...go look in the mirror, that is what a gay person looks like.

Sorry for the rant,


remembers joke about "barn door" for some strange reason

I agree that hot chicks like Willa hanging out in the training areas are a plus. And there's nothing gay about these guys training without shirts. Besides, this will bring more chick fans and groupies into the sport.

The yoga cards kinda bothered me, but Diego's gonna make it far...

Uh...what's wrong with doing yoga, am I missing something here? I've never seen any group of people anywhere near as homophobic as this place is!

and there is a problem with being homophobic?

I hear Yoga is real tough. I'm not kidding. I work with a guy that does it and hea says it's a great workout.

i found diego "funny" in that episode.

He's holding that guy pretty tight in that last pic.

Disagreeing with gay propaganda and the gay agenda does NOT make one a homophobe. "phobe" or phobia, implies a fear/hatred. I do not fear nor do I hate homosexuals. I just cannot stand all the propaganda and blatant homosexuality being thrust in the collective face of society.

If they really want to be "left alone" and "not persecuted/oppressed" about their life style decisions, then keep it to themselves. If they can really mirror the straight non promiscuous life style (it seems that they cannot, but claim that they can) then just act "normal" and don't make such a huge deal about what you do with your genitals and who you do it with. I can't stand "toughguys" who brag about their sexual exploits either. Why bother telling people?

The problem is not "homophobia" but "homomania" Enough with the hysterical mania about homosexuality. If that's your thing, then keep it to yourselves and like minded individuals, stop making it the defining characteristic of your life style.

Even one of the gay guys where I work says he can't stand the typical homos who blatantly act like girls and talk with a lithp and let the whole wide world know just how very very gay they are, for attention's sake. If it irritates other gays, just how irritating do you think it can be to straight people who would OTHERWISE not take offense to you?

A lot of gay folks, I suspect, create their own "persecution" drama so they can have a "homophobe" to feel justified rebelling against. Why not just keep your private life private?

This show was supposed to be about the UFC. Not pissing on people's pillows, sexual innuendos, half naked men "bonding", and doing things that are obviously homo but stop short of blatant sexual activity.

This show is ruined as far as people who are interested in the fight game. It is just another gay show now.