Who's game do you have???

I'm the parks & rec version of Tim Hardaway.

i'm the retarded, shorter version of mark madsen

I'm Dickey Simpkins, except I can't shoot and I'm not tall.

lol @ Slash!!

Local hero, Kenny Anderson. Followed most of his career staring HS, great career in Georgia Tech, one of the top assist leaders as a NJ Net, then....

Rec league Barkley.

It also depends on how good a weed I burned before a game... I'll cross-over like Timmy Hardaway or high speed like, Jameer. If I don't burn weed, and I got a good team with me, I'll go strictly Steve Nash.

Picture Shaq at PG, but 6'0" 265lbs

Or maybe Shawn Kemp after he got fat...

Well rounded like Boris Diaw but except it is my belly and NOT my game.

Thunder Dan only about 4 inches shorter.

5'11" Kevin McHale