Who's getting ufc 69? and/or 70?

I just thought i'd get in early and ask...

I'm gunna order'em both. cos i'm a sucker like that.

how about you?

Seriously, if you love the sport, how could you not?  I mean for years people complained about not being able to watch it live.  Now suddenly you get the opportunity to do so and you don't...


Where in Victoria can you get it?

I'm also very anti the UFC party where 20 ppl share the PPV. I go to a mates and watch it but still order at home to record.


keats it's on main event ppv, (foxtel)

So elvis your ordering an event your fighting on?

SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!......... UFC!!! UFC!!!

no, they had their chance and then took them off years ago.

since then, i had to find other methods to watch ufc live......cant see any reason to change now?

I thought we only had Austar here

Looks like all I can get is WrestleMania :)

2 in 1 month is going to hurt. I'll probably axe a few of the guys to chip in
if they're keen.

Have any of the pubs/clubs been showing the ppv's???

yes, watchin the king 4 sure!

"Have any of the pubs/clubs been showing the ppv's???" I don't think i've ever seen it shown here in brissy....ppv boxing but that's getting rare now...

keats if you've got austar you shoulde be able to get it....it's all pretty much astra

Keats, stop being a goose !!


Austar, Foxtel & Optus are all the same content these days (although they may package it differently)

Mainevent is the same and Austar show the UFC so pony up !!

I'm an Austar man myself...


There is still nothing listed on the Austar site so does anyone one know how to get it through Austar???

Mainevent says Austar are having it but Austar aren't offering it at the momement. Maybe I'll look again in a week or so

keats...its listed on the main event website...you'll just have to wait until it's closer to the event to order it through austar....or call austar.

Just another reminder:

If you don't have Fox / Austar, go to video.ufc.com and order the PPV streaming over the net. You'll need at least a 1.5mbps broadband connection and Windows Media Player.

Usually works out to about $50.

Keats, I'll make some enquiries tomorrow and let you know. It could be that the event is a bit far out for them to be selling it.

Trust me though, they will be...

Thanks for the info guys.

Their PPV's only go up to the 2nd April at the moment. Be good if they knew they were going to have it to post in up so people could see they are having it. No wonder numbers have been down in the past for them.

Keats, if Mainevent says Austar are gonna have it they will.

The Austar website (obviously) isn't geared so far out (or perhaps just the next 4 events ?)

But, it is available to be purchased if you give them a call (UFC 69 only at this stage)

Call on 132 492 and tell 'em Thomas sent you (won't do you any good and the guy on the phone will think you're nuts, but tell them anyway)


so far i've seen 3 ads for the upcoming ufc.....all today lol