Who's going to Abu Dahbi in NJ

I am definetly going Sunday, I might have to work on Saterday.

I hope to go.

Great show, flying to Jersey on Friday

i hope too
and hope to make some friends:)

im going...


Arias and ADCC worlds, can you guys please shoot me an e-mail? editor@insidefighting.com


I'll be there.

I'll be the guy in the mma.tv Underground Forum t-shirt. I bought the expensive seats, and now just hope I'm not sorry.

I am going. All the way from Sweden.

I am definitely going. I had my tickets in hand like 2 months ago. The lineup is insane!!!! A little upset that Jacre, Robinho and Lister aren't participating though...but oh well...

I'm leaving on Wednesday. I'm happy to be cornering Baret Yoshida again, for the 3rd time. As much as I love MMA, ADCC is my favorite event.

i wanna butta on my lubstah

We are leaving on thursday.. Avellan to win it in his division. And the absolute. Will be a great weekend.


Sorry MONSTA. Can't make it this weekend.

i'll be there