Who's going to buy this, assuming it happens?

Say it's $30 and they try to stack it, like their "first ppv" was? Phone Post 3.0

Would of bought it last time still going too Phone Post 3.0

i'd buy a card with eddie against chandler over 10 cards headlined by rousey for the same price.

I'll support them if they put a good card on. I can have a few people over and toss a few buck on it or bring some beers Phone Post 3.0

Should keep it in the 19.99 - 24.99 range like SF used to do if you didn't have Showtime.

I'll be buying if they're showing it here in Australia. We didn't really get to find out last time because they only release screenings for tv a week before, the ppv was cancelled 8 days beforehand. But I hope they show it here. Phone Post 3.0