Who's going to coach TUF 13?

Urijah Faber and Frank Mir both have fights, Chael Sonnen is suspended... so who is left to coach?

What say you? I'll add them to the list.


- Wanderlei Silva / Brian Stann

- Brock Lesnar / Junior Dos Santos






They should have gone with Edgar vs. Maynard to build toward the rematch. But they've already booked it for May 2011.

Wanderlei vs. Leben is still a great option in my mind. Brazil vs. USA!

Leben, Silva
Lesnar, JDS

Filming begins this month.

Why would Leben Fight Silva win he just lost to Stann and Stann is the one who called out Silva

My guess would be Stann gets in there. The UFC is always doing stuff with the armed forces, they're a major sponsor. Stann vs. Wandy makes sense.

 I wanted it to be Jael Sonnen Vs. Wand.....but doesn't look likey now...lol.

Lesnar/Dos Santos makes the most sense ratings wise and match making wise as they are pretty much the only two HWs not booked for a fight right now.