Who's going to strikeforce in Dallas?

looking forward to the fights, driving about 8 hrs to get there

I haven't decided if I'm going to judge or ref yet but I'll be there one way or the other.

There. Phone Post

TTT for weigh-ins schedule!

Tommy, I'll be there with a crew of 5.

Undecided. I live about 25 minutes away from AAC. Events are usually more fun to go to with a buddy but all my buddy's are broke at the moment. Phone Post


Not going now, had a death in the family and have to go to the funeral. Sux

I live here , ya am going .....Tommy V , sorry to hear that man , my condolences

be there about noon on friday, 5 hr drive here.

Dallyboy - I live here , ya am going .....Tommy V , sorry to hear that man , my condolences

thanks man

There's a bunch of OGers getting together before the fights. Check out the Who's from Dallas OG thread. Phone Post

We do it all the time. Nobody has been rape raped yet Phone Post

NarlyPersianDude - I wonder how much the Maverick's winning the nba title will rev up the spirits of the crowd. They where sure to be primed anyways, could they be even more upbeat? Good times over there at the moment, yahear.
If I were fighting on that card, I'd wear as much Mavs gear as possible in the time before the opening bell.  You'd be guaranteed big-time crowd support.


I'll be there with my brother Phone Post

I'll be there with my three daughters. Driving down from OKC tomorrow.

Tommy V, I am sorry for your loss.

I have about a 5 min. drive to the AAC.

I'll be there...


Noons Masvidal baby

Yeah, I think I'm going.

 yep,will be there.