Who's Going to TKO in Montreal

Hey Guys. I was wondering who will be going to Montreal this weekend for the TKO NHB fights. I would like to get a ride with someone if possible. I would chip in for gas and hotel. I just have some car trouble right now.

Thanks Scott Schilling
Please Call no E-mail right now

If you can get to Cobourg (1 hour east of Toronto on the 401) by Friday morning 8:30 you got a ride.

Plus my van has colour tv and VCR so you can watch Jeremy Horn beat Dean Lister all the way to Montreal....



Sorry cant do friday at 8:30 am
Thanks anyway JHR.

No problem Scott, thats the downfall of me living in the sticks.. :)


Next time JHR, when the Wife is better, I'm gonna show up on the doorstep.

I will be taking the train from Montreal to Cobourg just to take JHR up on his offer.

DowntownMB, The railway track go right behind my house, just jump out on the way by !!

: )

Dougie, it's a date.

Please bring lube.



My Wife says I can go but if hoes are involved she wants video to make sure that she can be as accurate with her guilt trips as possible.

Edit - My girlfriend just said that if you try to ruin my innocence with strippers she will never forgive you.

I think she's drunk.



Dougie, tell your wife you're perfectly safe. My wife is making the trip with me this time... :)