Who's gonna win Ultimate Fighter?

Who are your picks to win The Ultimate Fighter? These would be my pre competition rankings:


  1. Chris Leben

  2. Diego Sanchez

  3. Nathan Quarry

  4. Mike Swick

  5. Josh Koscheck

  6. Kenny Florian

  7. Alex Karalexis

  8. Jason Thacker


  1. Forrest Griffin

  2. Stephan Bonner

  3. Bobby Southworth

  4. Lodune Sincaid

  5. Sam Hoger

  6. Josh Rafferty

  7. Alex Schoenauer

  8. Chris Sanford

After putting those lists together, it seems to me that the Middleweight Competition will be much deeper. Cause Leben, Quarry, Sanchez, and Swick are already pretty accomplished where as the LHW division I owuld really only put Griffin and maybe Bonner at that same level as the 4 I mentioned from the MW division.

I predict the fans will win this one by KO around the 8th episode.

If this is based purely on fighting skill, I would guess Leben and Griffin.

Florian and Bonner


Not everyone! hahaha Ouch!

Dave is the man!

-Mike Swick-

Alex Karalexis and Forrest Griffin

Florian and Griffin


Im going with Kenny

josh koschek and sam hogar

"bobby southworth is a convicted wife beater, how the hell can they let him anywhere near that show? "

Hadn't heard that about Southworth...heard it about Hoffman, but not Southworth.

don't you think there are going to be some weird tasks or challenges that will whittle down the ranks? i mean, i think josh rafferty's got some serious ring skills, but i have no idea if he can eat a rat or jump from a helicopter into a glass of water.

when does this show air and on what network? thanx.


I'll second Kenny and Forrest

Griffin has a real good chance

I think Forrest and Southworth are the best shots but the only thing is I know forrest was retired for a year before getting the call to do the show.

If I had to pick the next two (after Forrest and Kenny) it would be a tought choice. Southworth is a great fighter with conditioning issues. Quarry is someone I know for many years. Bonner has great skills. Hard to do.

Forrrest was "retired" for a while before the show. If he had done the show while still in normal training mode I would have bet any amount of money on him


I hadn't heard about Southworth either - very sad.

when does this show air and on what network? thanx.

when does this show air and on what network? thanx.