who's got Call of duty:united offe

United Offensive.

I just downloaded this game from supernova and when I try to unzip it I get asked for a password? anyone have any clue

check out the link on that d.l. the password is not becuase of the game but whoever uploaded it to supr.

i wanna play united offensive too, let me know how the game is ehh.

I can't find shit. I've downloaded the full file(rar) but as soon as I click the rar icon a window pops up with the request for a password for an encrypted file. I can't open any of the files to see a password. Where can I find it?

The password is the url portion of the file name. Mine was www.torrent-base.dl.am

Dammit, I've got the password now but I'm getting "unexpected file format" errors. Anyone have any idea?

" Dammit, I've got the password now but I'm getting "unexpected file format" errors. Anyone have any idea?"

Where is this error coming from?

If it's during burning try this link:


ATT Gabora

any chance can u pass on the password to me, as i d.l the same file as you. save me time from going to nova forum


awesome friggin game=call of duty + more atmosphere and more war chaos!!!

Like world war shooters, get this for sure

Also, you people should stop getting games from suprnova, not safe first of all and there are better places that do quality releases with no hassles.

ps. if you use azureus, get "safepeer" plugin to give yourself false sence of security from pirate hunters, it rejects any request from sumthin close to 67000 IP address from which people get caught dling stuff. Can be found on azureus page under plugins.


peerguardian is a useful little utility to have as well.

anything for bittornado

nope, nothing for bittornado, but you can get peerguardian or protowall, latter of which is way better because it does its rejecting at a driver level and therefore lightweight, where peerguardian is a resource hog.

Though, if "they" decide to get you, "they" will, but like I said before this will give you a false sense of security

har har har!!!

I'm Canadian and we don't have those silly laws.

waves middle finger at uncle sam

I actually ended up borrowing this game from a friend at the club that bought it. Great fucking game and it's about time they used pixel shaded water in a quake engine game. WOOOfuckingHOO

gabora u didnt get the pass at all. i got the game just lazy to do the forum thing.

I got the pass and all but I got frustrated and deleted the whole file. I'm sorry but I forgot the password as I borrowed the store bought version from a friend.

here's a screenshot of where I am in the game to hold u over.



this game has great atmosphere.

post my screenshot bitches!!!!

It kicks ass!