who's got CHEVROLET connections? wanna sell me a..

2011 CAMARO?

I want to buy one.

BLUE OR BLACK 1SS or 2SS only.

thank you

What year? I have connections. call me tomorrow. for serious.

It begins...

Moke - It begins...

I was thinking same thing!!

2011 (or '10 if deal good).

as it stands, if these cocksucking chevy faggots here keep up w/ their $10k mark up, i'm flying to l.a. to buy.

Have Jimmy plant some drugs in one at JN the he can confiscate it and you can buy it at auction for cheap

Did you get one?

custom ordered and waiting for it to come off the line. :)

And how is a custom camaro gonna help the DS and its mission with2012 right around the corner?

All is lost:(

426hp and solid american steel. if it comes down to it, it can be easily converted into a deathrace 2000 killing machine.

Awesome! I can't wait to get a man car. Next year we getting another SUV, but eventually my time (and car) will come.

426 HP...I like that number...it reminds me of 426 hemi...it's enough horse power and steel to mow down zombies and the micropalypse.

Oh man!

Pics when it comes in! Your Mazda still looks brand new.