Who's got melvin over nate?

I know melvin gets caught in submissions, but I see him winning this one.

nuts or not, melvin by KO

Should be a war Nate needs a win

 I think Melivin takes this one as well.

Totally depends on Nate's game plan. If he brings the fight to the ground, he'll win easily. If he tries to trade with Melvin, he could be in trouble. But still, Nate should have a big reach advantage, and he might be able to neutralize Melvin's power by staying out of range of those big hooks.

Justinmacd - Always bet on the better grappler.

Nate isn't going to trade with Melvin. He's not an idiot.

First sentence is correct.

Second sentence is a...probably

Third sentence I'm not so sure about ;)

I think melvin will hit him cold and early.

nates too good to get caught with something athletic

Melvin will win this as Nate won't be able to take him down. He's going to hurt Nate with combos and power punches to that scrawny body.


Nate is going to get it to the ground and it will end quickly. Clementi, Neer, and Stevenson finished him on the ground inside 1 round.

Melvins going to break.

I like Melvin in this one

Diaz will have trouble taking him down

Melvin by KTFO in RD1.

Melvin wins via his physique being better.

Coke > Pot

 this may actually be the 1st fight I place a wager on...in favor of Guillard

 i got him

2 to 1

i think actually its like +250

Nate trains with Nick and a lot of other badasses and although i give Melvin a punchers chance i think Nate gets the Win in this one....i guess we'll see!

My vote is on Guillard,Diaz will be foolish and try to stand and bang thinking his chin will hold up, I don't think it will.

I'm hoping for a double KO.


CarwinFan - I'm pulling for anyone who opposes the Diaz Brothers. I love watching the two of them lose because they're the worst sore losers on the planet. After losing to Stevenson & Guida, Nate's been bitching too much about fighters holding him down, blah blah blah. He bitches way too much for a guy who is 9-5.

Nick bitched about the judges after his consecutive losses to Sanchez, Riggs & Sherk and then he bitched about the doctor stopping his fight against Noons. All I hear is bitching.

 And I thought there were no women on the UG.  ;)

I am rooting for Nate big time, although I do think this will be his toughest fight in the UFC.