Who's got the best chin in the UFC

I'd say Phil Baroni, followed by Randy Couture


i forget if arlovski ko'd him or not but cabbage took a ton from sylvia and was fine. another alleged eyepoke...

Cabbage without question. I don't think Mark Hunt could take the beatings Sylvia and Arlovski gave him without getting KO'd.

As far as more human guys go, Randy. He took hard shots from Rizzo and was absolutely blasted by Randleman.

Phil looked hurt bad against Suloev.


Cabbage for sure, but to compare Arlovski and Sylvia to the guys Hunt fights in terms of striking ability is...inaccurate....to say the least. He has been hit by some monstrously hard strikers and almost nothing seems to bother him.

Yeah, I know, but whatever his skill level, it's impossible to deny Sylvia hits very hard, and he must have landed upwards of 50 direct hits with MMA gloves on.

Cabbage. against arlovski and sylvia, he took more blows than I'd ever be willing to take in a lifetime.