Who's Joey Clark????

I will tell you who Joey Clark is..... Someone in the 170 lbs group that is rising to the top. This kid is so explosive and so tough that he is already becoming a threat in the midwest which is loaded with some of the top fighters in the world. He will be fighting Miguel Cooley July 24th Aldrich Arena in St. Paul.

Joey is exciting to watch, and he has TONS of heart! TTT for this man!

go to bed jaydub before i put on my gloves and my flame shirt

Joey is a good fighter.

BGG your riot!

All total gayness aside, I think Joey is a phenomenal wrestler and has that little bit o' crazy in him. I only hear what a nice, approachable kid he is and how he trains pretty hard.

I think that fight was a set up for Sherk but when someone sold a shit load of tickets they became rally valuable. Therefore, at the time, this fight may have been the beginning of the end for Joey. Sean is too good at Jiu Jitsu and incredibly strong. It is just impractical to think a new fighter could compete with a hungry vet on his way up. Thank god for greed.


he talked a whole truckload of smack about
Sherk...then blamed it on his brother or something.

As I heard it (very relaibly) when actually standing
in front of Sherk, Mr. Clark's tone changed 180
degrees...suddenly he broke out with a serious case of
humility. Somehow I think a certain baby-faced
"promoter" goated young Joey into starting shit with
Sherk to sell tickets under the veil of telling him he
was the next big thing and could actually beat Sherk.

Which after watching him fight 2 or 3 times now....is
the biggest joke I have heard yet.

Hopefully distancing himself from certain people in
this business has done Mr. Clark some good.

And hopefully he has taken away internet from his

Joey is a greco roman wrestler. he placed many times in nationals. He was a tough ass guy in the room(Marine corps). Super nice guy. I don't see him talking shit. he must have been put up to it.


I do beleive that Joe was put up to it to add some show quality. If you are green it is easy to be talked into shit in this business. Joey is going to be great fighter if he works hard, stays humble ( as he is now), and keeps a positive attitude. I see hubble02s response as unretortable (is that really a word)(fuck it).


I can tell you that Joey is a class act. I was pretty close to all the on goings and overhearing myself and it was not being started by Joey. The Promoter is responsible for informing the fans who everybody is going to be fighting. Somehow it was lead to believe that this fight was going to happen. I myself did as well. I actually still have tape of the night. Sean was disrespected by alot of Joeys fans which was very uncalled for. Sean looked very surprised by the reaction and calmly flipped them the bird and walked out. I don't know why I went into this but they are both very classy and very cool guys. Joey knows he is not on Sean's level and would never intentionally disrepect anyone.

Points all well taken. I think we can all agree that not everyone can be trusted...no matter what jar their face looks like it came off of.

One more question.... what the hell does:

"I see hubble02s response as unretortable (is that really a word)(fuck it). "

Is that a good or bad thing in this case?

All the best.

I don't know Joey personally, but I know that he gave Jason Medina from MFS one hell of a fight, before Jason finally pulled it out. He is a VERY dangerous fighter that fights like the Energizer bunny on crack! If Jeff Paul says that he is good people, then I will tend to believe it! :)


I sent you an email today. Did you get it? It bounced back, but I tried to send it again. It was just letting you know that I had sent out your money! :)

Jaydub is correct,Joey is a surprisingly down to earth guy.After watching the way he fights you would never think he would be that mellow out of the ring.

hubble hit the nail right on the head.


You just sent me an email, and I replied, but it bounced back again! :(

Joey is an excellent wrestler making his way in MMA
these days. He fought a very tough guy from Team
Tompkins whose name I can't remember a while back on
an ICC Card. It was ended up a draw. The fight was a
war with Team Tompkins winning the standup and Joey
getting numerous takedowns.

One of the kids in the school where I worked for the
past 3 school years and went to State the past two
(starting in 8th grade, believe it or not) has been
coached by Joey and says that Joey is one of the best
coaches and nicest guys around. The kid is squared
away so I definitely believe him.

I have talked to Joey briefly and he seemed like a
very decent guy. Seems unlikely to be the type to
talk trash about another fighter, especially someone
as accomplished and talented as Sean Sherk. I agree
that it was probably a combination of other people
talking and hype to sell tickets.



The guys name was Sam Stoudt (sp). Love ya Fred, wish you could go to the show, handsome fella like yourself.

Once again Joey Clark doesn't talk shit, it was a set up.

Thanks, BGG, that was, indeed the other guy's name.

Sorry for forgetting. Alzheimer's isn't any fun.

Wish I could be at this show coming up, too, but I
can't get my son to change the date of his wedding.

The kid never did listen to his old man.

I look forward to hearing about it.



BGG: what a shock.....I'm so very surprised that a certain "promoter" (using the term very loosely) would set soemthing like that up.