Who's making corned beef and cabbage?

Whole Foods always has tons of corned beef on sale this time of year. We picked up a 3 lb brisket with the seasonings yesterday and decided to make it today. Turned out delicious. Served with some cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and of course mustard. Anyone else make corned beef to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

I love cabbage. Especially sour cabbage

My wife already farts like a camel. I don't need her eating any of that crap.

Good thread. I made a trip to my parents today and had some steamed cabbage. 

We cook it every New Year also. It's so good,even my dago friends passed up the meatballs we made for them to eat it.

Any corned beef I've ever had was red/pink in color, you should have corned it longer or harder, I'm not entirely comfortable with "corn" as verb.

I want some now

Why st Patrick's day?  


Can't you do it year round?

Pictures online do show the meat as more of a red or pink. Not sure if those were cooked differently. Directions said to put brisket in a Dutch oven, fill with water two inches above meat, boil for 5 minutes and then cover and simmer for two hours. It may look overcooked in my pictures due to the color but it was very moist. Poured some of the broth on top and it was delicious. 


^You can of course make it whenever you want, but Whole Foods puts them out every March along with the seasonings, cabbage, and potatoes, so that's usually when we'll make it.

Just making sure.


Have you ever brined your own?  You should try that if not.  

Good idea, Kyle. I will make some.

My woman is! Can't fucking wait for the weekend

I'll pick some up, soak it in water to get the salt out, then toss in the smoker with spices to make a pastrami.

Tomorrow instead making a lamb stew for the day... have a nice 5lb shoulder. Will trim it to meat, make stock with the bones. Then makestew with the meat and stock, some potatoes, onions, carrot and guinness

Haven’t had corned beef in years. I absolutely love that stuff

Oh no fucking way. Was just in Ireland and got trapped in that massive snowstorm for an extra 2 days. I've had my fill of bland Irish food for the year.