Who's next for Kuniyoshi Hironaka?

Japanese welter weight Kuniyoshi Hironaka went toe to toe with Jon Fitch and tooled Forrest Petz.

Now, who is in line for Kuniyoshi to earn his #1 WW contender status in UFC?

Thiago Alves, maybe?

dude, I just made a thread.. rematch: Diaz vs. Hiro


"Now, who is in line for Kuniyoshi to earn his #1 WW contender status in UFC?"

That is a pretty dam far way off. He already lost to Fitch pretty decisively remember and Fitch isnt even quite a top contender just yet.

I think that Hironaka may probably be more comfortably in the cage now as he looked lost on his back against Fitch for most of that but the UFC WW div is the deepest in the sport right now, its gonna take more than someone like Hironaka to become a #1 contender.

Shinya Aoki's the guy right now to do it but his chances are gonna be much better at LW than WW.

Put on the match that was supposed to take place; Joslin/Hironaka. It would be a great fight.

Cummo, Thiago, Marcus Davis, Gleison Tibau, or Dustin Hazelett should be next.

I personally want to see him vs Fickett or Karo, though.

Joslin vs Hironaka would be a great fight. Joslin boxed well with Koscheck and Koscheck just schooled Sanchez .

AndyW rules!!!

Thiago or Cummo sounds good.

WOW! Drew got Lytle fight, huh. Great fight!!!