Whos next for werdum

Personally i want JDS to take what is his... werdum was arguably JDS break threw fight... so its marketable.. then cain vs jds4... but i didnt see any threads so just wanted to see what you guys thought Phone Post 3.0

That fight makes the most sense, and their isn't any orher clear cut contender. tho I'd like to see JDS and arvlovski fight and have DC go back up to HW to fight werdum for funzies.
DC might as well stay there too since Cain's hardly there Phone Post

just a thort...cain velasquesz Phone Post 3.0

JDS and CAIN is like the buffalo bills when they went to the SB like 4 years in a row and didn't win. Sports are sports the best should play regardless of how many times they lose. Imagine if the NFL was like nah we can't let them play they lost 3 times already lol. Phone Post 3.0

Remember when Dana's argument that Fedor sucked was when werdum beat him?

Man how times have changed. Phone Post 3.0

I would be all for that if jds didn't look like dog shit vs stipe, I used to have hope that with a little improvement and a Better gameplan he could beat Cain again, but after that fight I don't think so. Phone Post 3.0

Kelvin Gastelum fan - break threw fight....holy shit.
I think he meant "brake" threw...just a typo I'm sure. Phone Post 3.0