Whos on Final Fantasy 11

Havn't played that game in so fucking long. I may go back to it this weekend. Anyone wanna help me out just leave your name so hopefully we're on the same server.

I'm on it, name is Davias. Don't listen to Jockey, its a good game just not for everybody.

It's not for everybody. It's only cool if your playing a mission with the a group. But god forbid if your on your own forced to level killing the same birds, snakes. I get excited when I see a turtle men.

im thinking of starting in again this weekend too maybe and starting a static PT. had a 54 bst/whm but due to a 3 month cancelation guys got deleted, IM maybe to form a PT. same name as this SN.

lofl. i have a 75 whm/37 smn named crocop on the remora server. hit me up with a "fuck the og" /tell and we'll roll.

71 BLM on Remora, switched over to Ninja.

Account has been inactive for 1 month, kind of want to come back and play some Ninja.

tadboyf-- whats your character name?

and yes, i wholeheartedly agree that you can play this game for 10 hours and not blink. then you say to yourself-- WTF!?!!??! why did i waste my whole day doing this? and then you go back for more!

I've been playing since NA release day, I have about 61 days playtime I believe. Pretty funny 2 months of last year were ffxi time. I have a lot of other jobs leveled tho, not just the blm. I have war rdm whm bard bst and now working on nin subs leveled.

I don't feel too bad about it, I've been dating my girl for close to 2 years now, so I don't go out clubbing or anything.

I will probably reactivate my account soon, I've been wanting to play some ninja, that's a lot of fun.

Bebo ingame

i went back on Fairy (which is where most of the north americans are BTW) and it was ALOT better. But got bored of it again. I couldnt get over the boredom of SJ quest and valkurm for the millionth time.

fuck valkurm. go level in korroloka tunnel


Yes it's MMORPG

Yes You can get it for PC

Yes there's some kind of PvP called Ballista but you have to level to like 34 or higher or some crazy shit in order to participate.

It's fun if your in a group, soloing is lonely and Boring.

I think a better question is if WoW can come close to touching FFXI.

FFXI had over 700,000 subscribers at one point, I'm not sure if that number has gone up or down, probably up because of the European release.

My account is active again and I'm playing Ninja, probably the best job I've played so far.

Navin R Johnson is correct.

I'm on Valefor server if anyone wants to look me up. Either Monstar or Monsta.