Who's Paul daleys opponent?

I predict winner of manhoef and shilling Phone Post 3.0

Ray Elbe - I predict winner of manhoef and shilling Phone Post 3.0
This would be fuckin amazing Phone Post 3.0

He's already said he'll never fight Melvin because he was mentored by him early in his career.

I'm hoping auto title fight 

Is Manhoef still willing to drop to 170? I think he's done it once before. That's the only way I see this fight happening.

Daley has fought his whole career at WW as far as I remember, aside from the multiple catchweights where he failed to make it. But he still seems determined to compete only at WW. Would be an amazing fight though.

Yeah Paul has said he would never fight Melvin, and he would starch him at this point!

Daley needs to be back in the UFC, so many good, exciting match ups to be had what us, the fans are missing out on Phone Post 3.0

The answer is Lima, it will be announced tomorrow at the event with both fighters attending....... so Ive heard

priziesthorse - http://themmacorner.com/2014/11/13/douglas-lima-reportedly-set-to-defend-bellator-title-against-paul-daley/
Great fight! Phone Post 3.0