Who's rooting for Junior Dos Santos?

Too much creatine is a bitch, yo.

BeatonHauff - ? Phone Post 3.0


Junior is the man!! How could you not like him?! Phone Post 3.0


Team dough baby Santos Phone Post

I am. Love Junior. Nicest man + toughest SOB at the same time.

Odds opened at -224/ 205, Cain and are currently -210/ 175, Cain, for those who care. Obviously a lot of people still not sure which way to go but leaned towards JDS. I see him winning this go round via TKO. Phone Post 3.0

I love watching both JDS and Cain fight. I never know who to root for. Cain is an absolute beast though. He definitely deserves to be where he is. Phone Post 3.0

i prefer jds to win

War cigano!! Phone Post 3.0

Me Phone Post 3.0

I gots jds TKO in rd 1 Phone Post 3.0

Without a doubt one of my favourite fighters both inside and outside of the cage. Will be rooting for Cigano for sure Phone Post 3.0

<------ THIS GUY


normally im usa all day son but i like cigano


They're both awesome ambassadors but I've always liked junior's positive energy Phone Post 3.0

War Cigano! Phone Post

Yeah I'm rooting for junior Phone Post 3.0