Who's the 1 fighter you really like to Watch ?

I no Anderson is the beat fighter at this time but I Dont really think his fights are the most exciting at times but who's the one name that stands out ??

For me it's lyoto machida ! / Carlos condit ! Phone Post

Bellcher is fun to watch ! Who's he fighting nxt ? Phone Post

Condit, Hendo, Leben, Wandy, Shogun, Rampage and the list goes on and on Phone Post

That's why I said the one guy haha it's hard to pick so I ended up with two condit and machida Phone Post

I really don't look for a particular fighter as much as I look for particular match ups.

Anderson IS the most exciting fighter to watch, you never know what he´s gonna pull off.

He has had 2 boring decisions out of what, 15 UFC fights? And everyone acts like he is a dull fighter. LOL, did you fuckers not see him KO Belfort with a front kick, KO Forrest with a slip and a jab and toy around with Franklin before breaking his nose? Anderson is the most spectacular fighter we have had the honor to see!

Thats how the styles make fights ! Gd point there because I'd rather watch a Penn vs condit than fitch vs Penn because it seems to be a more exciting fight Phone Post




I could watch them all day. Phone Post

 Nick Diaz

Griggs, Petruzelli, Lesnar, Fedor, Hendo, GSP, Phone Post

He's not boring ! He just isn't like a leban or forest with these all action fights! Although his striking is scary at times Phone Post

Ben Henderson has to be one of my favorite. I can't remember any fights of his that were boring. Phone Post

Carlos Condit wherever the fight goes Phone Post

mittrione ! Gd choice I enjoy watching him he has fun in the octagon Phone Post


Could watch him all day destroy and finish Phone Post

Fitch doesn't finish he's on the most boring list for me I can't stand him! Phone Post

If I could only pick one career to watch over and over:

Genki Sudo


 Aoki, Imanari, Barnett

Diego Sanchez, Carlos Condit, Nick Diaz

You're never guaranteed a good fight, but you can be very confident of it, with those guys. Karo Parisyan in his prime years was always good to watch. Diego v Karo... wow, still one of my absolute favourite fights.