Who's the Baret Yoshida of Judo?

Baret Yoshida is from my humble opinion the most technical grappler pound for pound, or at least one of the very best. If any of you ever had the pleasure to roll with him, you sure know what I'm talking about. Smooth, quick, you never feel that he forces anything.... Who would be the most technical judo guy pound for pound retired or still in action? Thank you all...


there is a book.. the 50 greatest of all time.. it would have to be one of the people in that book.

it would really depend on what your criteria are too.. there are many techniques in judo that are very much intented to be painful and felt completely. there are others that can be done so smoothly and effortlessly that you never felt them.

personally.. the very best judokas are the ones who achieved a level of such superman-ish technical ability that nobody could ever really stop them eventhough they knew exactly what throw(s) were coming. people such as mifune's osotogari, Okano's seionage and kouchi, yamashita's Ouchi/osoto, Swain's tio and ashiwaza, Khaberelli's Pick-up, Van de Walle's morote gari, etc...

its people like that, to me, who truly embody what technical perfection is.

Ogawa's ashiguruma, Koga's ippon seoi, Yoshida's Uchimata!!!

Jeon's drop seio and drop sode.

Out of curiousity, who is considered by the judoka here on the UG to be the greater pound for pound player -

Hidehiko Yoshida or Kosei Inoue?

ive read alot of people say Yoshida wasnt even that good in his prime.

Yoshida was very good in his prime, but no where near as good as Kosei Inoue. Pound for pound Yamashita might have been the best.

pound for pound the best ever, at least in the olympic era, was Okano. He won the All-Japan championships twice and he was lucky to weigh as much as yoshida did when he took silver. not to mention, but there was only waza-ari and ippon when he won it.

i would also put kosei above yoshida on the list. yoshida has world titles in two seperate weight classes, kosei has 3 all-japan titles and 4 world titles.

one of the other pound for pound best would have to be Tani. i dnt care who you are, smallest woman in judo or not, you dont get 4 olympic medals in judo and win every world title for 16 years and only lose 3 matches during that time unless you are one of the best ever.