Who's the best in Las Vegas?

I'll be visiting Las Vegas in Sept. and need to get a good, fairly priced Tattoo.

Who should I go to?

I damn sure am not going to Heart and Huntington. That shit will be too high priced.

Who is the best and not crazy high priced?

Fairly priced in Vegas?


Let me see if I can bump the thread that talked about vegas shops.

LMAO at a "fairly priced" tattoo in Vegas.  I was just out there and was WAY over-quoted at three parlors.  The worst was H&H.... but it was a rad parlor though.

I've seen work by "Samoan Mike" and that guy is amazing.  Not sure what shop he's out of but he's very good.  Try finding him.    

Bad Apple on charleston and upland. thats where me and a few other guys at the gym get ours, all of the crew are sick artists, custom shop.

$400? thats fucking ridiculous!

id say call Ryan Downie but you probably need to get on the waiting list

well if youre gonna pay $600 then you are a fucktard and deserve to get fucked!

Damn. I have 7 tats and total cost is $635.


Victor Whitmill does some really nice work.

Robert Pho.
Corner of eastern and Russell.

The guy rocks!
Check out his website.

try luc @ www.insanetattoos.com he is very good check him out.