Who's the best pilot you ever saw?

? Phone Post 3.0

201 Phone Post

Phone Post

Phone Post

Sean Tucker

Breaking bad Phone Post 3.0

You're lookin' at 'im. Phone Post 3.0

The one who lands me safely on the ground after a flight gets my vote every time.

I think that demon lives out about 2.3 on the Mach-o-meter Phone Post 3.0


Don't screw the pooch Phone Post 3.0

Guess pfsjkd is the only other one who has seen the best movie anyone has ever seen. Phone Post 3.0

Duke Mitchell, or Topper Harley. Phone Post

Luke Skywalker Phone Post 3.0

Stringfellow Hawke

btx35 - Maverick


btx35 - Maverick


Our Germans are better zen zeir Germans!

Denzel Washington Phone Post 3.0