Who's the biggest human being you've ever met?

I had a teacher for 3 years named warren martin who played on the tar heel team with Michael Jordan that was over 7 foot. I got used to being around someone that tall so it takes a lot for me to be shocked by someone’s size. Then I met brain shaw and my brain couldn’t process how big of a human he is. Even though he is under 7 foot, he is a massive human. He was 6’8 and 450 lbs and had just come off winning worlds strongest man. Thank God he has the heart of a teddy bear because if he ever grabbed ahold of someone it’s over for them.


Sean gannon from bottom side mount, 20 years ago

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Shaq. That motherfucker is a giant.

The Big Show. Saw him at a house WWE ECW show and then later at a restaurant and he recognized me from my embarrassing interaction with him at the show. Had a quick laugh about it and that was it.

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I’ve met many 7 footers including shaq, but the biggest man ever is Lesnar. Its inhuman how big he is.

John Matsuzak. Went to an Oakland Raiders game when I was a kid and it was fan appreciation day. We got to meet a bunch of the players. Up until then I thought my dad was invincible. The Tooz made him look tiny and I was scared. The guy was fucking huge.

The late Mark Eaton. I have also met Shaun Bradley he was taller but not as massive

I was at max muscle in Venice Beach and flex wheeler was there. He wasn’t doing any promo or anything like that, just walking around with some other pro bodybuilders while people gawked and swooned. Standing near people that big is more like standing in a zoo. Like they are no longer humans. Its like being in a herd of buffalo.

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Benoit Benjamin.

I was 10 years old and literally stunned at a human being that tall.

Don’t really remember a biggest, but Rulon Gardner is the most physically imposing person I’ve met.

I worked with a guy that was 6’9” and about 400 lbs. he was bald with a goatee. Looked like Bam Bam Bigalo. The guy was a huge wrestling fan. We ended up taking our sons to Wrestlemania in New Orleans a few years back. All of the kids at the show thought he was a wrestler they didn’t know about

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Are you insane? Lesnar and I are similar in size, I met him at the Arnold classic 10 years ago. Lou Ferrigno dwarfed is both. Shaq is so much bigger than Lesnar and Ferrigno it’s ungodly.


I got to be on flag details for some NFL games and got to interact and stand near a lot of the players. Many of them are f’n huge. David Bakhtiari stood out as an insanely large fella.

In person? The big show. Hard to perceive that a human can be bigger than that.

I had a buddy in high school who was 6’10 about 300 lbs I mean obviously he towers over most folks but talk about feeling like a dwarf hanging around him

It was back when I was a law clerk. There was this talk of a guy we had back in holding who apparently was “crazy”. You hear that a lot get thrown about. Most of them aren’t crazy but this one was and holy fuck was this guy huge. He was probably 6’6 - 6’7 and easily 400 pounds maybe even 450. This guy was a MONSTER of all monsters and was batshit insane.

The man was so large he couldn’t be handcuffed. They put leg irons on his wrists and they still didn’t look like there was much room in those irons on his wrist. This was probably my first experience with someone who was mentally ill.

The guy was convinced Ford where he worked at the plant was forcing him to attend scientology classes. So he did what any insane individual would do. He decided to leave work and go on an adventure playing bumper cars with the state police on I696. He then crashed his truck through the gates of the Proving Grounds(GM’s test track) with 20 cop cars in tow. They ended up pitting his truck like four or five times. They finally got him out and proceeded to taze him 8-9 times to subdue him.

When a person is obviously insane like this the Judge is forced to make a record of it. This is done by provoking the person. This provocation isn’t what you think, they’re asked simple questions and it generally triggers them to act crazy. It’s not like he’s teased or anything. Just simple things like what you did last week and stuff like that. The guy then proceeded to give my Judge the middle finger and talked about how circles and scientology were related.

I saw him probably about a year later. This time he was medicated and he was far less scary but they kept him in irons the entire time. We had a Deputy that was a pretty big guy and he made him look small. There weren’t enough deputies on hand if this guy decided he didn’t want to comply. Thankfully he apologized and left quietly.

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I met Brian shaw in the airport he is a fucking elephant

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Possibly, but you look at brock’s shoulders and back and get back to me. Its 1 of those you had to be there things.

I met Brock. He might only be 6’2" but his physical mass is insane. He’s also got a gigantic head that helps. I’m 6’2" as well but I’m just fat his mass makes him huge.

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