Who's the filthy c0ksmoking mofo..

..that bet me on the A's vs Blo Sux playoff series last year?!?!?!!? The Jesus/A's - "we gonna fuck you up"

I know you're out there, hiding, cowering in fear of the mighty Athletics!!!!!

it was me sissy boy, at the time i was PTA, but i have returned much stronger as Roman War Helmet

lol, thought so, there will be hell to pay this season!!!!!

yep and it will reflect in your ever changing screenname

lol, we'll see about that pal!!


A's have no chance at beating the Sox in a playoff series this year. Sorry.

lol, I'd like to see what the roster's are looking like when we FINALLY get to the playoffs. It's a long season, anything could happen.

dont you mean when your team finally lose in the first round again?