Who's the hottest female athlete - sportswoman?

This is the type of scholarly op-ed I’m glad I took the time to read.
Factually true as well as thought provoking

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Hey, Aly Raisman, hot big time without being tarty or false. Attractive!!!

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Kristine Leahy

Went to HS with her, she’s always been a sweetheart and a great friend.

May not be hottest but already made Maxims top 100 in 2018 I believe

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theres a ton of super hot track athletes, i just dont know their names

1 hot chick athlete name i do know:
Kelly Slater Smile GIF by ABC Network

High Five Kelly Slater GIF by ABC Network

Kelly Slater Sport GIF by ABC Network


Nooooooo. Spiranac is plastic???

Still wood. But damnit!

What is it with hot surfer chicks?? The sport revolves basically around standing around. Yet they all look hot af. Is it the extra tanning?

most arent hot, the best ones are seldom attractive
like wmma its usually the most masculine women who are best
but some of the lower level pros are hot, its part of why theyre sponsored and pushed in the media. paddling is good excersize too, and nowadays most pro surfers train in a gym for it

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That makes sense, thnx

Alana McLaughlin

Kiira Korpi (Fin)

i should also mention lots of “surfer girls” u see pics of arent surfers. just models holding surfboards

Jutta Leerdam. 5’11” Dutch Speedskater.
European Sprint Champion 2021


bang bang sport GIF by UFC

She is an international super spy. Nobody else is even close.




The photo that launched a “career”.

There are a ton of hot chicks in Track and Field as well as in Volleyball. Too many to narrow it down to one. Michelle Jenneke is way up there. I dont know the names but there are 3 or 4 pole vaulters that are insanely beautiful.

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Ok sorry, back to the hot chicks