Who's the tallest OGer?

We got any 7 footers?

Post your height.

Until somebody taller shows up I'll be considered the tallest at 5'10".

Passive Jay was 7'1".

His name was Passive Jay and he ate oatmeal for our enjoyment. 

Aussie gumby had him beat I thought ?

Souljacker is 6'11.5".

Jujubre is 2.32 meters.

Carrot is 6'5".



Sean McCorkle would be up there. Tai Lopez also owes him 100 grand

Lying down or standing up?

There was a guy who posted here under the name 2tallforbjj he is 6'8

thats him in the white top several years back

I'm not the tallest but definitely the most in shape and handsomest.

6'8 checking in.


I'm close to thirty feet tall.

I'm 7'3", in the cock.