Who's the toughest guy on the UG?

Who is the atual toughest guy who posts here? Probably Royce and Phil Baroni I would say. Who is the actual toughtest guy who is not a pro fighter who posts here?

Couture and Hughes have posted here before,non pro fighter is tough to say.There are alot of trainers who have never fought but could take most of the green namers on this board.

It's clearly me.

Jinx would own anyone on the street fools.

Joe Rogan IMO.


Chatboardbully in 3....2.....1.....


He did punch that lady dead in the cunt. Who else has the powerful cunt punch in their arsenal?

Fuck it, I'll fill in for him:

Toughest? Theres no ref in the streets, nobody to pull someone off you when my boys jump in and skullfuck you, we use bottles, bats, and switches. You blue belts think youre tough, but mmaers really have nothing compared to a seasoned street fighter. Holla at cha boy.

It is I.

Sam Pai has the toughest typing fingers.

Well it ain't me!

LOL, great thread.

Royce posts here? Ive checked the Royce Gracie Ground and its filled with unanswered threads. Im assuming he isnt on here very often.

I would kick everybody's ass on here without breaking a sweat!

I would then cook you all some grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup!

And after that piano lessons!


Sam Pie by slice n dice

Y'know, for non-pros we need brackets, weight classes, and the greatest amatuer tourney ever concieved....and a huge venue. Damn, you could sell that on ppv. Maybe even a "UG absolute grand prix". Anyone? Kirik?

Like 5 people would actually show up.

Lmao...true. I forgot the history of ug challenges there for a minute. Seemed like a good idea at the time.