Who's the toughest guy on tonight's card???

If everyone on tonight's card had to fight each other regardless of weight class who would be top dog??

I think court McGee or Ryan laflare

By size Phone Post 3.0

The two most highly skilled guys are are also the smallest,, would be interested in how they would do Phone Post 3.0

They could mix things up Phone Post 3.0

Likewise Mr Aura Phone Post 3.0

I think Mendes is the toughest guy on the card tonight. Can't wait to see him run through Lentz.

Would love to see Mendez vs j lo .... Fireworks!! Phone Post 3.0

Faber without a doubt. Guy has fought one legged and with broken hands... Phone Post 3.0

There's so many good small guys on this card and the biggest guys are lower tear 170lbers if this was only open weight one night tournament it would be sick! Phone Post 3.0

I was just thinking this should be UFC on Fox 9: Midget Mayhem, there's one WW fight the rest are 155 and under lol. I kid though I'm a 145er don't get but thurs UG Phone Post 3.0

Faber is a tough mofo most guys would of
quit in the aldo fight Phone Post 3.0

Tuff only means you can take a good beating!

Did you mean who is the best fighter?

Faber is toughest IMO. Phone Post 3.0

I would think Faber and MM are both tough SOB's Phone Post 3.0

Faber via broken hand fighting lol Phone Post 3.0