Who's the worst fighter to fight in Zuffa's UFC?

There was some guys who had no business at the beginning, this is ZUFFA era only.

I vote Sherman Pendergarst

Beat that Phone Post 3.0

Cm Punk is the easy answer.

It would be hard to top CM Punk. Even the bottom of the barrel TUF competitors throughout the years are better.

Punk counts as Zuffa right?

Cause that dude couldn't beat his way out of puberty... Phone Post 3.0

Aside from CM Punk and James Toney, Who obviously had no business being in the octagon, I'd go with Jessamyn Duke. Phone Post 3.0

James Toney. Phone Post 3.0

Well fuck. If we're not going with Toney or or Punk then I'd have to say Kimbo Slice. Phone Post 3.0

Chris Availia? I think Artem is bottom barrel and he smoked hin Phone Post 3.0

off the top of my head

wes combs
mike nickels
wade shipp
and yes I know he's a member here no disrespect intended but Sean Gannon

Joe O'Brien - Wes sims is up there. Phone Post 3.0


Not to be a dick....but its a female. Phone Post 3.0

Jeff Newton

Shayna Bazsler has to be in the discussion.

Rick Davis Phone Post 3.0

Dashabox - 

Shayna Bazsler has to be in the discussion.

she didn't deserve to breath that octagon air

EyePokeYou - Not to be a dick....but its a female. Phone Post 3.0


Diff Bucklecrest Phone Post 3.0

IDOHARM - James Toney. Phone Post 3.0

Toney's a legend in the combat world.

if it was anyone else fighting and not fucking randy couture, diving for his ankle

we could of had a fight.that lived up to expectations,why not Carwin or JDS or someone like that,yeah  I know mma beat boxing that day, but fuck me.


I was a fan of him in Strikeforce, but Chad Griggs looked like hell in the UFC Phone Post 3.0

"I'd go with Jessamyn Duke."

Jessamyn is hot.